Swisher Drain Treatment

Biological grease digestant helps automatically maintain drains, lines and grease traps.

  • Swisher SKU: 6101212
  • GTIN Number: 10025469036640
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits:

Swisher Drain Treatment contains bacteria that eat grease to reduce grease, fat and food particle build-up in drain lines

Minimizes drain clogs, overflows and hassles

Reduces expensive pumping and other plumbing costs

Safe, nonpathogenic living organisms neutralizes foul drain odors

Safe for plumbing


Use in drains to reduce grease, fat and food particle build-up in lines

Effective Against/On:

Drain treatment and hard surface deodorant for use in maintenance of drains and grease traps.

How To Use

Grease Traps: For traps less than 20 cubic feet capacity, add 4-5 fl. oz. of product daily, by pouring in a sink or pipeline closest to the trap.

This should be done at night or when the traps are used the least. After adding, flush down with lukewarm water.

Drain Lines and Down Pipes: Use product a minimum of 2 times weekly, to a maximum of 4 times depending on the usage of the building.

Add products in amounts listed below, start on the lowest floor and work up at the rate of one floor every day. Do not treat the same floor twice.

When the top floor is reached, continue treatment from the top floor only.

Pipe Size Dosage Frequency

2" 4 oz. 2 times per week

4" 8 oz. 2 times per week

6" 12 oz. 2 times per week

8" 16 oz. 2 times per week


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