Swisher Metal Safe Solid Dishmachine Detergent

Uniquely formulated to penetrate and strip away stubborn food soils while special metal-protecting agents prevent damage to aluminum and other soft metals.

  • Swisher SKU: 6102096
  • GTIN Number: 10025469053388
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits:

Special water conditioning and soil suspension agents ensure free rinsing and sparkling results.

Contains a powerful destainer to remove stubborn food and coffee stains

Solid capsules dramatically reduce product waste because they can't be spilled or misused

Advanced electronic dispensing ensures precisely controlled usage for premium results at a low cost

The “hands off” dispensing system ensures maximum user safety and customers never come in contact with the product

Compact capsules reduce storage needs and disposal costs


Protects aluminum and other soft metals

Effective Against/On:

Stubborn food soils on aluminum and other soft metal wares.

How To Use

Install a Wash Max Dispenser and adjust it to automatically dispense the proper amount of product.

Load Swisher Metal Safe Dishmachine Detergent into the dispenser by carefully removing the empty capsule from the dispenser and turn upright to avoid spills.

Remove the cap from the new capsule and use the cap to seal the empty capsule immediately.

Use the handle to place the full container in the dispenser with the open end facing down


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