Training & Development

Training development

Effective hygiene involves more than making sure that floors and fixtures look clean. It means making sure that your employees recognize the value of good hygiene and share in the responsibility for making your place of work as healthy, clean and safe as possible.

Over the past 25 years, Swisher has developed a detailed process for doing just that. We offer an effective approach to commercial cleaning and sanitizing that personnel of all backgrounds can learn quickly. It’s a robust orientation and education program to ensure that trainees have the competence and confidence they need to address both visible and invisible hygiene challenges.

The process begins with tested, graded online coursework available in both English and Spanish. Classes can be accessed from any computer with a reasonably fast Internet connection, and they all feature wording, pacing and situations that are calibrated to communicate with maximum effectiveness. Coursework can even be customized for your business and your employees.

Courses include:
• Hygiene Basics
• Hygiene Service Skills
• Right-To-Know Chemical Information
• Chemical dispenser operation and maintenance
• Three-compartment sink operation

In addition to courses which are available for online use, we also have a staff of specialists who are in demand as trainers and lecturers on a broad range of commercial hygiene issues, and they are available to meet with your personnel as needed. We can develop customized presentations and interactive workshops for any size group, from small management teams to a store’s entire employee base. Our presenters come equipped with training manuals and related literature that will serve as valuable reference materials long after their seminars are over, and you can request refresher courses as well as completely new topics as it suits your staff’s needs.