Restroom Hygiene Service

Our hygiene technicians are skilled at identifying and eliminating contamination on all of your porcelain fixtures, including urinals, toilets and sinks.

We strip them down, scrape them and scale them to remove any uric acid, mold and mildew. Then we apply that same meticulous attention-to-detail to other high-contact areas like faucet handles, flush handles, door knobs and stall latches, so you can be confident that all of the surfaces your patrons and employees are likely to touch have been sanitized by a skilled professional. We put urinal screens in place to keep trash from causing plumbing problems, and we replace them on a routine basis with fresh, sanitized and deodorized screens to maintain your restrooms' fresh appearance.

Germicidal Protection
In addition to their manual techniques, our technicians seal the porcelain with a clinically tested, hospital-grade germicidal disinfectant. It's a powerful formulation that is 99.99% effective.


Personal Accountability
Our technicians are trained not only on sanitation skills but also on customer service skills, and they're prepared to be your partners in hygiene. We work to ensure that our entire staff of technicians can communicate sensible solutions for your particular challenges, introducing you to new products or services that may make sense for you, alerting you to sanitation concerns that may arise in your facility and serving as your primary point of contact for any questions you may have regarding the service we provide. Of course, our entire staff is available at your convenience, but we believe that a strong, first-person rapport serves as the foundation of a lasting, rewarding relationship.