Hygiene and Safety Analysis

Free Facility Analysis

Unsanitary conditions, unsafe surfaces, unnecessary products: costly conditions that no business should have to deal with.

That’s why Swisher offers a free facility analysis. In just a few minutes, our specialists will thoroughly evaluate your place of business, whether it’s a restaurant or retail establishment, institution or industry.
We’re looking for all of the most common and significant deficiencies in the commercial environment, along with many other potential issues that are often overlooked:

• Surface contamination
• Floor conditions
• Operability of dispensers
• Proper storage of chemicals
• Chemical, paper and soap pricing

When we’re done, we’ll deliver you a comprehensive report thoroughly detailing opportunities for improvement. We’ll even estimate the savings that you can expect by switching to Swisher service.

For your free facility analysis, call Swisher at 1-800-360-SWSH.