H1N1 and Other Germ Threats

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The most significant public health concern in virtually all commercial environments today is the threat of H1N1. To combat this danger, Swisher Hygiene has developed a comprehensive program to help minimize the opportunity for cross-contamination and illness:

SWAT High-Coverage Disinfectant Misting
The Swisher Anti-microbial Treatment, also known as SWAT, delivers a fine mist of disinfectant to virtually all surfaces in your facility. Our micro-misting unit offers coverage that’s vastly superior to any form of manual application, offering you an effective H1N1 solution.

A central element of Swisher’s program is the placement of Purell® dispensers at critical points throughout your facility, with additional sanitizer in bottles and wipes where necessary. A broad selection of freestanding and wall-mounted units makes it easy to offer comprehensive coverage for employees and customers, and since Purell is the most trusted name in hand sanitizing products, that recognition translates directly into increased usage.

According to the CDC, the single most important thing any of us can do to minimize the opportunity for cross-contamination is to practice proper hand washing. That’s why Swisher offers refillable foaming hand soap for all restrooms. Foam soap is today’s most in-demand restroom product, and that user-friendliness can significantly increase beneficial hand washing activity. What’s equally important is that our refillable cartridges offer a highly affordable alternative to more costly forms of foam soap, making it easy to provide today’s most hygienic solutions to your employees and customers.

Swisher’s team works directly with your staff to ensure that they have the skills and the support they need to continue fighting contamination at every level. That support includes online coursework detailing tactics to reduce H1N1 exposure, general hygiene practices, food safety and regulatory compliance, among others. We also provide signage to ensure that everyone in your facility is aware of the precautions you’re taking and knows how to properly protect themselves from microbial threats. And we back all of our programs with MSDS documentation, training logs and related information, so you’re always in compliance.

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