Anti-Microbial Misting

Swisher supplements its manual treatment of facilities with a program called SWAT - the Swisher Anti-microbial Treatment.

The process of SWAT involves the use of a micron diffuser to create a dry mist that permeates the entire facility and covers every cubic inch of exposed surface area.

It's a form of germicidal shock treatment that bonds to your facilty's walls, partitions, countertops, ceiling tiles, doorknobs, light switches - virtually everything - killing bacteria that cause illness and odors.  Your restroom's sanitary condition will be considerably enhanced as a result.


How SWAT Works
While our service technicians are experts at disinfecting areas that your employees and customers contact, they can't reach every corner of your facility. That's what makes SWAT so effective - it kills germs in places where manual sanitation processes can't go, because it relies on the same principle that germs use to propagate through your facility: aerosolization.

When you flush a toilet or a urinal, a fine, virtually imperceptible mist is created, and this mist carries with it things like microbes, fecal matter and other unhygienic contaminants. Once airborne, this aerosol literally coats the entire surface in your facility, creating odors and establishing what may become colonies of harmful microbes.

SWAT's misting process delivers a solution of our potent germicide throughout your facility in just the same fashion. A fine disinfecting fog coats all exposed surfaces to kill harmful and odor-causing contamination wherever it might be, making your facility more sanitary that it may have been in years. As a complement to our weekly cleaning and Swisher Total Image™ service, SWAT offers you the most comprehensive hygiene solution in the industry.