Swisher offers a complete selection of powerful and efficient dish machines for purchase, rent or lease. We also have well-maintained, high-quality reconditioned units available to buy, lease or rent.

They’re all engineered to operate in the most demanding commercial foodservice environments and deliver outstanding, high-efficiency performance around the clock. Dishmachines are regularly inspected and serviced by specially trained Swisher technicians whose only job is to work on our warewashing program.

Dishmachine models include high temperature, low temperature single rack, double rack, conveyor and under-counter glass washers.

Chemicals for Commercial Environments

Swisher features a complete selection of chemicals for commercial warewashing programs, including formulations designed for automatic dishmachines as well as 3-compartment sinks.

Premium manual dish detergent
Multi-temp, low-temp and high-temp detergents
Extra-strength dish detergent
Metal-safe detergent
High-temp and low-temp rinse additives
Quaternary sanitizers

Griddle and fryer cleaner
Oven cleaner
Foaming degreaser
Freezer cleaner
Stainless steel polish
Coffee stain remover

Silverware pre-soak