Touch-free Systems

Touch free systems

Nobody wants to touch restrooms handles or knobs if they don't have to. That's why Swisher offers advanced, affordable AutoFlush®, AutoSoap® and AutoFaucet® systems. They're the easiest and most affordable way to ensure that your restrooms are as convenient, contemporary and clean as possible.

In fact, hands-free technology is one of today's most popular restroom enhancements, and with good reason: Customers and employees appreciate that you're looking out for their best interests, and you'll appreciate that these units help reduce cross contamination and minimize the plumbing problems that inevitably occur when users try to flush with their feet.

• Prevent the spread of germs
• Eliminate unpleasant odors
• Reduce water usage
• Save on repairs to kicked handles
• Minimize sewer gas buildup by setting automatic daily flushes

For more information about how Swisher’s touch-free systems can enhance your restrooms, call us today at 1.800.360.SWSH.