Paper Products

Swisher offers a complete selection of paper products for commercial use:

HAND TOWELS - Choose from touch free center-pull models or upgrade to fully automated dispensing systems that use electronic sensors for truly touchless dispensing. Improve your image while you improve your hygiene.

TOILET TISSUE – Swisher offers a selection of dispensers all designed to deliver outstanding economy and convenience. Large roll capacities mean less frequent refilling, efficient designs significantly cut down on wasted paper, while theft- and tamper-proof construction means reduced loss.

SEAT COVERS - Provide your employees and customers peace of mind, eliminate the waste of toilet paper used to cover seats and prevent inconvenient, costly clogs.

Green Solutions
We also offer a large selection of toilet tissue and hand towels that meet or exceed EPA guidelines for environmentally friendly paper goods:
• More than 200 products that either contain recycled fiber or that are manufactured from 100% recycled fiber
• Coreless bathroom tissue that reduces packaging waste by 96% and that completely eliminates roll core waste
• Replacement towels and dispenser napkins that reduce usage and waste by up to 30%

The Industry’s Most Cost-effective Program
Of course, our products aren’t the only reason why so many businesses choose Swisher for their paper needs. Our paper program also offers a number of benefits that our customers count on to help them stay competitive in a challenging economy:

AFFORDABILITY- Our pricing is as good as you're likely to find anywhere. We're far below wholesale clubs and very competitive when compared to industry suppliers, so you won't be flushing money down the toilet.

CONVENIENCE – Weekly delivery and managed stocking levels mean you always have as much paper as you need, without running short or wasting valuable storage space unnecessarily.

SAFETY - Our dispensers are made from rugged polycarbonate, so they can stand up to the most frequent use. They're also resistant to theft and tampering. 

EFFICIENCY - You only pay for what you use, so you know you're getting your money's worth. Plus, we resupply your facility at every weekly visit, so you don't have to fill your storeroom with paper. 

ORGANIZATION- All of your paper expenses are consolidated on a single monthly bill, along with all of the services we provide, dramatically simplifying the paperwork it takes to keep your facility at its best.

HYGIENE - All of our dispensers are designed to maintain the highest level of hygiene by minimizing the chances of cross contamination. There are no levers or knobs that can become breeding grounds for microbes.