Odor Control

Swisher's premier odor control product is the T-Cell unit, a next-generation solution for commercial facilities. This advanced odor control system uses hydrogen-based technology to deliver a powerful, continuous stream of custom-engineered aromas that don't simply mask the presence of offending contaminants but that literally bind with them and remove them from the environment.

• Super-long-lasting formulations
• State-of-the-art molecular technology
• Broad range of powerful, pleasing aromas
• Attractive, contemporary dispensers
• Inconspicuous, compact presentation

Tested, Traditional Odor Control Solutions
In addition to the T-Cell, Swisher offers the odor control system that has for years been our cornerstone air freshening solution. Our continuous-distribution, fan-based unit delivers scientifically engineered aromas that have been specially developed for the commercial environment. These formulations counteract the scents found in restrooms and render them benign.

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