Foodservice Chemicals


Swisher offers a complete line of chemicals for foodservice operators, offering you an affordable and effective alternative to traditional chemical suppliers. Our products all perform as well as or better than any other on the market, and our weekly delivery means that you’re always properly stocked. Plus, we have low order minimums and will even break cases where necessary, so you never spend more than you have to or wind up with chemicals you don’t really want.

Concentrated Chemicals
Active foodservice operations can benefit significantly from the use of concentrated chemicals. Swisher’s concentrate provides the lowest use cost available, in many cases as much as 90% less than retail prices, and frequently 20% - 50% less expensive than other chemical providers.

Moreover, our 3-compartment sink dispensers and wall-mounted dilution systems are simple and safe to operate, making concentrate as easy to use as ready-mixed product.

Operators with smaller-scale needs can take advantage of our ready-to-use products. They perform to the same high standards you expect from Swisher, and their packaging is exceptionally convenient for dealing with hygiene issues wherever and whenever they happen to arise.

Best of all, our selection is as complete as you’ll find anywhere, including such products as:

• No-rinse sanitizer
• Spray cleaner/degreaser
• Neutral pH cleaner
• Foaming meat room cleaner
• All purpose cleaner
• Stainless Steel Polish

• Heavy duty degreaser
• Mild acidic restroom disinfectant
• Non-acid soap scum remover
• Disinfectant cleaner
• Heavy-duty restroom cleaner

• Non-acid restroom disinfectant
• Odor neutralizer
• Concentrated, clear formula cleaner/maintainer
• Bioactive enzyme floor cleaner
• Pot and pan detergent