Disposable Gloves

Swisher offers an effective, affordable complement to your hygiene efforts with its disposable glove program. We carry a broad range of extremely affordable disposable gloves, all supplied weekly by our technicians. You can choose from latex, vinyl, poly and nitrile models, all powdered or powder-free. And since there are no minimum purchase requirements and we deliver when it's convenient for you, there's no more costly, crowded storage of gloves that you won't be using for months.

Price: Save significantly, even over wholesale club pricing
Flexibility: No minimums - purchase as much or as little as necessary
Convenience: weekly delivery eliminates overstocking, opens up valuable storage space
Selection: Choose from latex, vinyl, poly or nitrile, all available powdered or powder-free

For more information about Swisher’s disposable glove program, call us today at 1-800-360-SWSH.