Our Environment

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At Swisher, we believe in promoting wellness - for our customers, for their customers and for the environment as well. That means offering a selection of products and services that deliver a significant level of protection but that have an insignificant environmental impact.

Our selection of cleaning and sanitizing compounds are highly effective on everything from dirt and grease to pathogenic contaminants, but they have all been formulated with ecological sensitivity in mind.

Chemicals And Dispensing Systems
Swisher's line Our Clean Planet cleaning chemicals meet or exceed Green Seal standards. They're easily as effective as national brands, but far gentler on the ecosystem – biodegradable, non-toxic and non-ozone depleting.
• Choose from glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, floor finish, floor stripper, hard surface cleaner and hard surface degreaser/cleaner
• Concentrated chemicals significantly reduce the amount of packaging generated by ready-to-use products
• Metered systems ensure that a proper amount of product is always dispensed, preventing wasteful under- and over-dilution
• Storage and proper disposal of tainted and potentially dangerous bottles, jugs and other packaging is minimized
• Patented dispensing features prevent accidental spills, leaks and drips

Soap And Hand Hygiene
Swisher’s cartridge-based dispensers and high-quality green-certified soap products come from GOJO, the industry leader in hand hygiene. They meet Green Seal and EcoLogo™ environmental standards for institutional hand cleansers based on their reduced human and aquatic toxicity and their reduced smog production potential.

• Foaming formulations product the rich, luxurious lather that employees and customers increasingly demand
• Biodegradable formulas are proven effective, yet mild enough for general handwashing
• Moisturizing foam and lotion soap formulas available
• Multiple dispensing options to choose from, including the new GOJO TFX Touch-Free system
• Additional GOJO soap products also available.

Paper Products
Swisher is proud to offer an exceptional range of paper products, including toilet tissue and hand towels, that meet or exceed EPA guidelines for environmentally friendly paper goods.
• More than 200 products that either contain recycled fiber or that are manufactured from 100% recycled fiber
• Coreless bathroom tissue that reduces packaging waste by 96% and that completely eliminates roll core waste
• Replacement towels and dispenser napkins that reduce usage and waste by up to 30%

Odor Control
Swisher offers advanced, hydrogen-based air freshening systems that do more than mask odors - they actually chemically bond with offensive material in the air, rendering it benign.
• Systems use no batteries whatsoever
• 60-day lifespan of refills creates much less waste than shorter-lived devices
• Refills contain no propellants or V.O.C.s
• Dispenser and refill components are completely recyclable